Guitar Blink 182 - The Secrets To A Blink 182 Guitar Sound

Published: 05th September 2009
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Tom Delonge has always contributed a great guitar sound to Blink 182 that has become his signature. Lucky for you, creating a tone for your guitar Blink 182-style, is fairly simple.

By taking some of Tom Delonge's secrets and implementing your own tweaks, you can create a solid punk rock sound. Here are a few of Blink 182's signature guitar secrets.

1. Use compression on your tone from a pedal or a rack piece.

When Blink 182 plays live, Delonge gets a good amount of attack on his guitar. A nice compression pedal will even your strumming and also boost your attack power a couple notches.

2. Shop for guitars with extra mid tone like Fenders.

Tom Delonge started his Blink 182 career playing Fender guitars because of their versatility of genres. For a similar sound, play either a Fender or another guitar that has a natural boost in its mid range.

3. Give the mid range on your amplifier a little boost.

Sometimes when guitarists are configuring the knobs on their amps or guitars they tend to cut out the mid range. Mid range is essential to a round guitar sound like Blink 182's so give that knob a few clicks.

4. You don't need amplifiers with too much distortion.

Even though amplifiers like Marshalls supply a huge amount of distortion, it's not really what you should aim for with a Blink 182 guitar sound. Average distortion amplifiers like Fender, Mesa Boogie, and Orange supply smooth tones.

5. Keep your bass and high tone levels on the guitar amplifier around 50%.

A common mistake for beginning guitarists is to pull up the high and low ranges of the guitar amp while lowering the mid range substantially. To keep your tone meaty, you'll find that you need a nearly even spectrum from all ranges.

6. Distortion pedals or rack pieces are not necessary.

Too much distortion can create ugly white noise that covers up your melodies and causes fans to not like you. Keep you tones pure like Blink 182.

7. Use a pure guitar sound without many effects or processors.

Tom Delonge has his moments when he'll use a delay or reverb pedal for a certain section of a tune, but it's tasteful and rare. Follow his practice and keep your effects to a minimum.

The goal to reach with getting a Blink 182 guitar sound is to find that balance between distortion and clean to give just enough bite without compromising the tone quality. Put your own personal touch on the mix after you execute these tips.

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